From the very beginings of ay! we knew we wanted to create an organization that responded to Teal principles: one that would grow organically and dinamically as living beings do, one that could become the envionment for the people comforming it to learn, feel, and work together, one that would be alive and encourage all of us to be present as humans, to try, to change, to understand and to create. 

We were deeply inspired by Reinventing Organizations to extend an invitation to rethink about how your organization behaves and to dare to embrace change. 

When the strongest of the pack

has to lead all through the cracks,

and protect them at all costs

from betrayal and attacks,


Then the Red of Power comes

to invade the whole horizon,

and the smaller ones might feel

like an ant against a bison.

When you deeply appreciate

the value of rules and ranks,

and believe that discipline

separates what’s good from bad,


Then your Amber Values shine

while you grace the god you follow.

But every step in Her path

can leave you feeling quite hollow.


If you understand the world

as something that can be learnt,

a well oiled machine, at times

you can dominate to advance,


Then the Orange strength of Work

will show the next step to climb;

But in your way to success

you might find you miss your life.


When you finally find love

and embrace the ones around

like a family who grows;

It’s your place that you have found.


But the structure is still there-

most families have their “parents”-

and among the good Green Merits

Orange pyramids hide silenced.


And then you stop for a second

and look yourself in the mirror.

What you see is one with nature,

changing, alive, and feeling.


One organism with others,

all growing towards the sun,

learning and teaching each other

the Teal Longing to have fun!

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