Content strategy design

What kind of content should your organization produce? What are the best platforms for you to showcase what you do?

At ay! we work with you to create buyer persona profiles, that allow us to identify your ideal client. Then, we research and analyze those results, your actual current target and competition to design marketing strategies that focus on your brand identity and desired community.

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Some of the platforms we design stategies for:

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Target your ideal customers on the right platform, with the right kind of content, by providing value to your community and showcasing your brand’s identity, values, and personality.

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The strategy includes recommendations about optimal communication channels, advertising investments, and required management apps.

What you get

After all the research, we’ll create a Content Manual that describes the suggested platforms for your specific community, the content categories for each platform, post templates, and content creation guidelines that describe how to use templates, how to record videos, how to take successful pictures for your specific content, etc.

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Categories design

Other examples

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