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You might have heard of SEO, and if you don’t really know how it works, the best explanation we’ve found is by a twitter thread by Karthik Sridharan where they compare Google to a librarian trying to recommend the best books (websites) for the specific needs of the client. SEO are all the rules that make your book the most appealing for each specific search: whether the title and chapters talk about the topic the user wants to read about, whether they have multiple ways of learning through that book (text, images, etc), whether other reliable authors or books list this specific book as a reference, etc. 

So, as you have more information that fulfills the rules by which the librarian recommends one book over another, your book will be recommended more and more.

Including a blog in your website will therefore increase the general engagement with your website — as long as SEO rules are followed. Captivating your audience with innovative content that follows your brand identity and communication style provides more opportunities for your community to identify with your organization, and this can lead to more sales, more recognition, etc.

There are many guidelines that will up your score, and Google updates and changes them periodically. You can keep up to date in the Google Search Central Blog. However, the most important aspects to take into account for all your web content, and specially for blogs are:

  • Include keywords that are relevant to the actual content of the article and relevant to the kind of search queries your users might be doing.
  • Have those keywords in the title and headings of your content.
  • Have long content that is relevant to the keywords and title. Rank Math —a tool dedicated to making your SEO better— suggests articles of 1000 words or more, giving higher scores to those that reach 2500 words.
  • Include images or videos that are relevant to the content and add alternative text to let Google know what the images are. Again, Rank Math’s recommendation is including at least 4 images — and remember these should be designed to fit your brand identity. 
  • Create new content to keep your blog updated. The recommendation is that you should be publishing at least two blogs per month. Ideally, you would publish once a week. General studies show that you’ll start to notice changes in engagement from the 24th published article on. Sharing on social media also can play an important role there. 
  • Include power words, positive or negative, to catch your audience’s attention. 
  • Add internal and external links.
  • Get others to add links to your post.

The subscription plans ay! offers take into account all of these recommendations.

For every subscription plan, ay! includes a monthly meeting to update the Editorial Calendar, an editorial revision to ensure the content is accurate, the design and formatting of the article with all included images, and the publication in your website to ensure SEO guidelines are followed in the structure of your website.

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