Hey, I’m Ann. I started ay! with my partner in 2018 after nine years of working at an enterprise software company, where I learned a lot about UX, design, communication, and working methodologies – especially around agile and teal organizations.

Problem-solving and using creativity to help people around me is what drives me, understanding their needs and how they work to create the best workflows and infrastructure for them – while keeping well designed and appealing.

I’m an ideology-driven person and passionate about making a positive impact on the world, from veganism and environmentalism to social issues. This is why ay! offers collaboration deals with organizations focused on environmental or social values and vegan organizations.

I also enjoy video editing, motion graphics, music, acting, and all things creative.

After completing some local projects and gaining experience in different industries, I legally founded ay! in 2020 with Yanick, my partner and creative specialist, and Guti, our copywriting specialist. Together, we created a group of freelancers working in different areas with whom we collaborate on different projects.

How we work

From the very beginings of ay! we knew we wanted to create an organization that responded to Teal principles: one that would grow organically and dinamically as living beings do, one that could become the envionment for the people comforming it to learn, feel, and work together, one that would be alive and encourage all of us to be present as humans, to try, to change, to understand and to create.

We were deeply inspired by Reinventing Organizations to extend an invitation to rethink about how your organization behaves and to dare to embrace change.

Through the colors

When the strongest of the pack
has to lead all through the cracks,
and protect them at all costs
from betrayal and attacks,
Then the Red of Power comes
to invade the whole horizon,
and the smaller ones might feel
like an ant against a bison.

When you deeply appreciate
the value of rules and ranks,
and believe that discipline
separates what’s good from bad,
Then your Amber Values shine
while you grace the god you follow.
But every step in Her path
can leave you feeling quite hollow.

If you understand the world
as something that can be learnt,
a well oiled machine, at times
you can dominate to advance,
Then the Orange strength of Work
will show the next step to climb;
But in your way to success
you might find you miss your life.

When you finally find love
and embrace the ones around
like a family who grows;
It’s your place that you have found.
But the structure is still there-
most families have their “parents”-
and among the good Green Merits
Orange pyramids hide silenced.

And then you stop for a second
and look yourself in the mirror.
What you see is one with nature,
changing, alive, and feeling.
One organism with others,
all growing towards the sun,
learning and teaching each other
the Teal Longing to have fun!

Put your organization to the test

Let's figure out where your team stands in terms of organizational evolution.
The next questions are focused on how your team currently works, and how evolved it is on the Teal scale.
It is possible that many of the answers are not an exact fit to your situation; please select the one you identify as the most similar.

When a new person needs to be added to the team, who makes the decision?
If a new cool opportunity becomes available for your team:
If a client is unhappy with the outcome of a project:
During team meetings…
If you are close to a deadline and you see you will not be able to meet it:
When someone in the team is unhappy with their position or general work environment:
When someone leaves the team:
You are Red in the Teal organization's evolution scale.


Red organizations have concentrated their power in one person (or a very reduced group of people). They usually make most decisions, and your relationship with them will greatly affect your work environment.
Structurally, they work similarly to Mafia hierarchies. People are encouraged to follow orders from the boss, and roles might not be as clear. 
They are based on division of labor and top-down authority.
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These organizations are structured as pyramidal hierarchies and based in faith on the knowledge of superiors and managers. Everyone knows and is expected to respect their place, and workers limit themselves to do what they have to do. 
Their principles are stability and certainty, and they intend to build stable organizational charts.
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Orange organizations tend to view themselves as machines, and their integrants as engines. Each team plays a part in a studied mechanism with strict rules and processes to ensure all developments go as expected.
Their values are innovation and meritocracy, and workers are expected to take accountability for their actions. 
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These newer organizations perceive their teams as part of their family. They tend to emotionally involve workers, and expectations are set at a personal level. They try to make decisions based on consensus, but it is unclear where consensus is in fact reached, or if the boss ends up taking the lead.
Their principles are empowerment, and a value-driven culture. Personal fit is very important. 
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Congrats! You've reached the Teal evolution level.
Teal organizations see themselves as alive organisms that should grow, learn, and change dynamically. At the same time, team members are expected to show up in a human, vulnerable way. They tend to use roles rather than fixed positions, understanding that interests and focuses may vary and change over time, and encourage everyone to find their purpose and make it visible as part of the organization. 
Their principles are self-management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose.
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